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Title: Ecology of the Mass
Authors: Wyrostkiewicz, Michał
Keywords: ecology; ecological paradigm; liturgy; Mass; methodology
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Prešovská univerzita v Prešove, Gréckokatolícka teologická fakulta
Citation: „Theologos” 21 (2019), nr 1, s. 77-88
Abstract: Even based on a cursory observation we can see that in today's world “ecology” and “ecological issue” are very popular terms. This tendency, strengthened by the teaching of Pope Francis, comes to theology. Some theologians try to incorporate ecological theses into their research. Unfortunately, they often do it in a wrong way. Quite often, the ecology and ecological issue are understood colloquially as the opposition to the use of natural resources. The aim of this text is to show what the environmental paradigm is and how it can be used in theological research. The publication describes the ecology concept of the Holy Mass. It also explains the key issues of this theory.
ISSN: 1335–5570
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