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Title: Jezus piszący po ziemi (J 8,6.8). Przegląd poszukiwań dotyczących treści napisu, znaczenia gestu i kwestii piśmienności Jezusa
Authors: Kubiś, Adam
Keywords: napis Jezusa; piśmienność Jezusa; J 7,53 - 8,11; pericope adulterae; Jesus’ writing; Jesus’ literacy; John 7,53 - 8,11
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Warszawskie Studia Teologiczne, 2015, T. 28, nr 1, s. 124-151
Abstract: The article offers a glimpse into the wide spectrum of scholarly analysis concerning three basic issues connected with Jesus’ writing as reported in John 8,6.8. First, the article surveys the question of the content of Jesus’ writing. Despite the complete absence of an actual text, many authors over time have provided a plethora of possible, but hypothetical proposals as to what words Jesus might have written. Secondly, moving beyond the hypothetical content of the writing, the article reviews various suggestions concerning the meaning of Jesus’ action, that is, the very fact that Jesus was writing. Finally, the article deals with the question of the literacy of Jesus and Ch. Keith’s suggestion that this pericope adulterae, as a third century interpolation to the text of John’s Gospel, was created in order to meet the Church’s need for literate leaders.
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