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Title: Dlaczego w relacji Mateusza (21,1-11) Jezus wjeżdżał do Jerozolimy na dwóch osłach? Część 1: Referent drugiego zaimka αὐτῶν w Mt 21,7
Authors: Kubiś, Adam
Keywords: Mt 21:1-11; Mt 21:7; donkey; Jesus’ entry narrative
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: The Biblical Annals, 2018, T. 8, nr 1, s. 29-45
Abstract: The article deals with one of the problematic issues found in the Matthean entry narrative (21:1-11), namely identifying the appropriate referent for the second pronoun αὐτῶν in Mt 21:7. First, a few textual emendations to the original Greek text are discussed, since the solution to the above problem has sometimes been sought in the discovery of a truly original text, free of this interpretative difficulty. Second, the grammatical and rhetorical explanations of the issue are elucidated. Third, the article presents and evaluates arguments for identifying the proper referent of αὐτῶν, whether in the vestments or in the two animals. In the author’s opinion, the most convincing solution to the problem lies in identifying the referent of the ambiguous pronoun as the two animals.
ISSN: 2083-2222
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