Kobieta cierpiąca na krwotok oraz córka Jaira jako symbol Izraela. Próba analizy symbolicznej Mk 5,21-43

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Te scope of the present study is the analysis of the Markan per-icope about the healing of the woman with the flow of blood (5:25–34) and the rising of Jairus’ daughter (5:21–24.35–43), from a symbolic per-spective. Te main methodological premise of this work is the conviction that the literary sense of this pericope is in fact imbued with symbolism, and consequently the principal thesis of this work consists in interpreting both women as symbols of Israel. Te study begins with the presentation of various definitions of symbol which function within biblical exegesis. Sub-sequently, in order to lend credence to the symbolic analysis of this Mar-kan pericope, the presence of a symbolic dimension in other Markan texts is demonstrated. Te study presents also the methodological premises of symbolic analysis, as well as two possible examples of symbolism found in our pericope. Te final two parts of the study concentrate on the exegeti- cal explanation of the pericope: first, without taking into consideration the symbolical dimension and, second, an interpretation taking the symbolic perspective into full account. Te juxtaposition of these two possible read-ings of the pericope, non-symbolic versus symbolic, is aimed at demon-strating the undeniable value of the latter, which the scholarship has all too often relegated to oblivion.
symbol, symbolizm, symbolic exegesis, Izrael, Israel, Mark 5:21 - 43
Studia nad Ewangelią według św. Marka. Nowy Testament: geneza - interpretacja - aktualizacja, red. A. Kosiński, Warszawa -Ząbki, 2017, s. 66-111