Badania postaw Polaków wobec moralności małżeńsko-rodzinnej

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Towarzystwo Naukowe KUL, Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II
Marital and parental love, as significant values both for particular individuals and for the whole society, require special protection. It is ensured by moral norms, and especially by: premarital chastity, marital fidelity, indissolubility of marriage, and parental responsibility connected with opposition to abortion and contraception. In numerous studies devoted to the attitudes towards marital-familial morality, it turns out, however, that a considerable part of the respondents do not accept these norms. This is significant information for pastoral theologians, educationalists, family life counsellors and pastors, because the efficiency of the efforts they make requires a diagnosis of the reality they encounter. And the diagnosis, as appears from the empirical research, should incline one not only to make careful educational, but also prophylactic, preventive and re-educational efforts.
normy moralne, czystość przedmałżeńska, wierność małżeńska, rozwody, aborcja, antykoncepcja, moral norms, premarital chastity, fidelity, divorces, termination of a pregnancy, contraception
"Roczniki Nauk o Rodzinie", 2011, Vol. 3, s. 39-54