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Title: Statistical evaluation of growth parameters in biofuel waste as a culture medium for improved production of single cell protein and amino acids by Yarrowia lipolytica
Other Titles: Statystyczna ocena parametrów wzrostu w odpadach biopaliwowych jako pożywce hodowlanej w celu poprawy produkcji białka i aminokwasów przez Yarrowia lipolytica
Authors: Jach, Monika Elżbieta
Baj, Tomasz
Juda, Marek
Świder, Robert
Mickowska, Barbara
Malm, Anna
Keywords: Amino acids; Biofuel waste; Fermentation optimization; Single cell protein; Yarrowia lipolytica
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Springer
Citation: "AMB Express", 2020, Vol. 10, Article number: 35
Abstract: Yarrowia lipolytica is an oleaginous yeast species with the ability to grow on a number of substrates types, especially industrial wastes. This paper concerns the statistical optimization of fermentation parameters and media to ensure consistent and improved Y. lipolytica protein production. A strain of Y. lipolytica A-101 was observed to be proficient in producing single cell protein, amino acids, and vitamin B12 while utilizing biofuel waste instead of a complete YPD medium for yeast growth. A fractional fractal design experiment was then applied, and the two fermentation param- eters of temperature and pH were recognized to have a significant effect on the protein and amino acid production. Subsequently, the response surface methodology with a three-level complete factorial design was employed to optimize these influential parameters. Therefore, five different measuring systems were utilized to construct a quad- ratic model and a second-order polynomial equation. Optimal levels of parameters were then obtained by analysis of the model and the numerical optimization method. When the Y. lipolytica A-101 was cultivated at optimized pH (5.0) using biofuel waste as a medium, the protein concentration was increased to 8.28—a 44% enhancement as com- pared to the original (3.65). This study has thus demonstrated a beneficial way to cultivate Y. lipolytica A-101 on biofuel waste for enhanced production of single cell protein and amino acids for use in human diet and in animal feed.
DOI: 10.1186/s13568-020-00968-x
ISSN: 2191-0855
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