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Title: Towarzyszenie, rozeznawanie i integracja osób w nieuregulowanych sytuacjach małżeńskich
Authors: Goleń, Jacek
Keywords: towarzyszenie; rozeznawanie z osobami; integracja we wspólnocie; sytuacje nieregularne
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Towarzystwo Naukowe KUL
Citation: Konrad Glombik, Jacek Goleń, Antoni Nadbrzeżny. Droga miłosierdzia i integracji w adhortacji ‘Amoris laetitia’. Perspektywa dogmatyczna, moralna i pastoralna, 113-164. Lublin: Towarzystwo Naukowe KUL, 2020.
Abstract: Christian love and mercy are the source of pastoral service to persons in unregulated marriage situations. In them, the integrally understood pastoral ministry of accompaniment, discernment and inclusion in the life of the Church's community finds inspiration. Pastoral (spiritual) accompaniment should be directed to persons in various marital situations, including: persons living in informal relationships, Catholics bound only by a civil marriage, those living in separation, the divorced who have not entered into a new relationship, and the divorced who have entered into a new civil union or live together without any legal regulation. As part of the ministry of accompaniment to the last group, after becoming familiar with the status and situation of the relationship, first a preliminary diagnosis should be made to determine whether the person being guided qualifies for entering onto the path of detailed discernment with the pastoral care minister. The process of a person’s personal discernment, as well as with a confessor (spiritual director) is aimed at discovering God's action in his or her life, the actual moral responsibility regarding the past and the current life in a new relationship, as well as discovering God's call to bring to fruition the possible good in the current situation of the couple. Discernment gradually shows the way of integration into the communal life of the Church. First, it is important to discover the already existing integration, which can bring peace to the person. In the process of accompaniment and discernment, it is worthwhile to lead people to discover the possibilities of learning God's pedagogy more fully and to achieve more fully God's concept of marriage and integration into the life of the Church. Available to all the faithful in irregular situations is internal inclusion through prayer, acts of love and a life of sacrifice. Over time, many of them can overcome subjective obstacles and decide on some form of involvement in the life of the Church community. Those who in the process of discernment fulfil certain conditions may, through the confessor, be included in the sacramental life of the Church. This moment does not bar the path of spiritual development or the discernment of the further path of doing God's will by persons living in unregulated marriage situations.
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