A clean and simple method for deprotection of phosphines from borane complexes

Simple, efficient, clean, and stereospecific protocols of protection of phosphorus atom with borane and deprotection from the borane complexes of the tertiary phosphines in mild conditions are reported. The proposed protection/deprotection reactions tolerate a range of functional groups and lead to pure products with excellent yield with no need for application of chromatographic or crystallisation purification procedures. For the first time mechanisms of the reactions of phosphine protection and deprotection have been studied based on experimental kinetic data as well as quantumchemical calculations, which allows designing reaction conditions suitable for a given substrate.
chiral phosphines, ICGC-6, phosphine boranes, protection and deprotection reactions, quantumchemical DFT calculations, reaction mechanism elucidation
"Pure and Applied Chemistry", 2017, Vol. 90, nr 1, s. 49-62
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