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Title: A General Phenomenon of Spontaneous Amplification of Optical Purity under Achiral Chromatographic Conditions
Authors: Demchuk, Oleg M.
Pietrusiewicz, Kazimierz Michał
Borkowski, Mariusz
Strzelecka, Dorota
Kielar, Katarzyna
Kicińska, Wioleta
Karevych, Sergei
Jasiński, Radomir
Keywords: enantiomer self-disproportionation; SDE; achiral stationary phase; homochiral and heterochiral aggregates; chiral separation; chirality; genesis of life chirality
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: MDPI
Citation: "Symmetry", 2019, Vol. 11, nr 5, 680
Abstract: This work explores the behavior of chiral compound mixtures enriched in one of the enantiomers whilst a typical chromatography on the achiral stationary phase is employed. The influence of several factors, such as the eluent composition, ratio of the compound to the stationary phase, and the initial enatiomeric purity of the compound used on the distribution of the enantiomers in the collected chromatographic fraction, was studied. The obtained results indicate that the phenomenon of Self Disproportionation of Enantiomer (SDE) occurred in all cases, and some of the collected fractions got higher optical purities than the initial one. Thus, achiral column chromatography could be applied in some cases as the simplest approach for chiral purification. Based on the experimental results and DFT calculations, an alternative concept explaining the SDE phenomenon was proposed. Due to its generality and simplicity, SDE may also be responsible for the formation of the first chiral non-racemic compounds on the early Earth.
DOI: 10.3390/sym11050680
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