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Tytuł: Misterium konsekracji
Tytuły równoległe: The Mystery of Consecration
Autorzy: Paszkowska, Teresa
Słowa kluczowe: konsekracja; tajemnica; powołanie; uświęcenie; formacja; consecration; mystery; vocation; dedication; sanctification; formation
Data wydania: 2015
Wydawca: Polskie Stowarzyszenie Teologów Duchowości
Źródło: Duchowość w Polsce, 2015, vol. 17, s. 80-96.
Abstrakt: The paper addresses the topic of the consecration of life as a specific Christian mystery. The structure of reflection is based on three references of triple elements perceptible in the mystery of consecration: 1) Divine personal initiative: Fater – Filius – Spiritus Sanctus; 2) The consecration of persons in the Church: vocatio– sacrificatio – sanctificatio (a dynamic Divine-human process); 3) The ancient triad (the core of ethics and aesthetics): veritas – bonum – pulchrum (goal) The author binds the individual elements in the way resembling the „Rubik’s Cube”, pointing to the mutual impact of the elements in different conjunctions. This kind of a „game”, in which multiple arrangements of theological and spiritual topics will occur, can be an effective formative factor for people pursuing the meaning of the reality and their own life (at the stage of the preparation for religious profession and in permanent formation). The conclusion comes down to the statement that the initiative and fulfillment of the consecration belong to God (vocatio, sanctificatio), whereas human involvement is contained in accepting the vocation and responding to it through being dedicated to God (sacrificatio). By permanently staying in God’s proximity, human persons experience sanctification and the Church includes them in the Son’s mission in order to complete in Spirit the work initiated by the fact that “the Father consecrated and sent to the world” (Jn 10:36) his Only-Begotten Son to bring here the truth, good and beauty. Vocatio needs to be verified through discernment and ecclesial verdict (veritas). Sacrificatio – means giving at God’s disposal the good (bonum) of one’s life. Sanctificatio points to transforming one’s life to a degree that its beauty (pulchrum) affects people with its clear expression.
ISSN: 2081-4674
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