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Title: Access to a Lawyer in Proceedings for Minor Offences Under Polish and European Union Law
Authors: Bień-Węgłowska, Iwona Magdalena
Keywords: access to a lawyer; right of defence; Directive 2013/48/EU; ex-officio defence counsel; Directive 2016/1919/EU
Issue Date: 30-Jun-2020
Publisher: Wydawnictwo KUL
Citation: "Review of European and Comparative Law", T. 41, nr 2, s. 175-196
Abstract: The Article deals with the opportunity for a suspected person and the passive party in the proceedings for offences to exercise the right of access to a lawyer and the right of legal counsel. The aim of the article is to provide a comparative legal analysis of the provisions of the Code of Procedure in Minor Offences against the background of the EU guarantees under Directives 2013/48/EU and 2016/1919/EU. Directive 2013/48/EU deals with one of the two aspects of the aforementioned right: namely the right of access to a lawyer for suspects and accused persons in criminal proceedings, while the right to legal aid and to state-guaranteed legal assistance in certain circumstances is regulated by Directive 2016/1919/EU.
DOI: 10.31743/recl.6157
Appears in Collections:Review of European and Comparative Law, 2020, Vol. 41, No 2

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