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Title: “I delight in love, not in sacrifice”. Hosea 6:6 and Its Relecture in the Gospel of Matthew
Authors: Kubiś, Adam
Keywords: Oz 6,6; Mt 9,13; Mt 12,7; חסד / ḥeseḏ; ἔλεος; miłość; miłosierdzie; szabat
Issue Date: Dec-2020
Citation: "Collectanea Theologica" 2020, 90, no. 5, 295-320
Abstract: The first part of the article deals with four different understandings of Hosea 6:6 in the context of this prophetic book: (1) repudiation of the cult as such, (2) the rejecting of a specific kind of cult, (3) the priority of ethics over the cult, and (4) the symbiosis of cult and ethics, i.e. that an authentic cult interweaves ethical values and proper ritual conduct. The author concludes that the forth interpretation best fits the message of the Book of Hosea. The second part of the article deals with the problem of the textual Vorlage which would have been used by Matthew. It seems that he quoted from the Hebrew text, being faithful to a then-current hermeneutical rule by which each part of a biblical parallelism was interpreted separately, based on the belief that every single line carried equal weight and conveyed a new truth or a new law. The Matthean relecture of Hosea 6:6, the focus of the third part, is presented from two perspectives: synchronic and diachronic. In the synchronic presentation the main point of concern is the contribution of the quotes in 9:13 and 12:7 to understanding the Matthean pericopies. Finally, the diachronic reading deals with the Matthean use of Hosea 6:6 within the context of the Matthean community, and of its dialogue with the Rabbinic Judaism of that day.
DOI: 10.21697/ct.2020.90.5.12
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