Między profesją i pasją. Życie i twórczość Bohdana Kelles-Krauzego, zapomnianego lubelskiego architekta i malarza

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Towarzystwo Naukowe KUL; Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II
Książka przedstawia monografię Bohdana Kelles-Krauzego (1885-1945), architekta powiatu lubelskiego i malarza, czynnego w Lublinie w okresie międzywojennym. Na podstawie zachowanych materiałów archiwalnych, w zbiorach państwowych i prywatnych, autorka rekonstruuje życie i twórczość zapomnianego przez badaczy animatora środowiska kulturalnego w międzywojennym Lublinie, autora kilkuset prac malarskich i rysunkowych, a przede wszystkim kilkudziesięciu projektów budowli użyteczności publicznej i domów prywatnych (w większości zrealizowanych).
Bohdan Kelles-Krauze (1885-1945) is an architect and a painter rolled into one. For most of his life he was connected with Lublin and the Lublin region. Kelles-Krauze is an artist that is unjustly forgotten by today’s researchers and pushed into the background of Polish artistic life, even though he was interesting and innovative in his architectural works, and first of all he was an excellent author of a few hundred paintings who showed an unusual sensitivity to color. The monograph comprises the biography of the author, to a large degree reconstructed on the basis of the preserved sources and archive materials (they are: his personal documents connected with his career, newspaper clippings as well as his private documents and correspondence that have not been yet used by anybody). Krauze is presented in various aspects: as a clerk, architect, painter, father and husband. He was also known as an unselfish animator of cultural life in Lublin; he organized exhibitions and competitions; he was also entrusted with managerial posts in artists associations. Part Two of the book is devoted to presentation and analyze of the style of Krauze’s architectural works and paintings. In the literature that concerns the architecture of Lublin in the period between the two world wars he is only known for designing a few buildings in Lublin, among them the reconstructed Main Post Office (jointly with Jerzy Siennicki) and the Town Baths in Bronowice (today it is the hotel and restaurant „Lwów”) of the twenties of the 20th century. An archival research has shown that he belonged to the group of very active architects. It is from his studio that came numerous projects of schools, churches, dwelling houses and public buildings erected in Lublin and in the Lublin region. Altogether there are more than 70 buildings. The presentation comprises the first competition projects drawn up with Maksymilian Burstin and Tadeusz Wróbel in Lvov in the spirit of eclectism and „modernized classicism” and the buildings designed and built in 1921-1945 in Lublin and in the Lublin region, where Krauze held the post of the District Architect. The buildings are characterized by a gradual change from historical forms and “mansion” architecture in the first half of the twenties to mature modernism of the thirties of the 20th century. Painting was Bohdan Krauze’s passion that was not fully satisfied; it was only practiced on the margin of his professional work as an architect. His own style that was recognized in Lublin was shaped starting with the first landscapes, through studies that he pursued in Munich and Paris, to the works from his Lublin period. As a painter Krauze has been put in the background up till now, and this is why it was necessary to inventory his works that make up a considerable set, kept mainly in private collections. This has allowed a verification of the opinion of the artist, who has been perceived as „an official architect”. His paintings are characterized by a good sense of color, unusual attention to composition and a modern look, distinct against the background of other contemporary Lublin artists who adhered to a rather traditional style. In the perspective of research of art of the first half of the 20th century the book supplements the state of knowledge of the Lublin artistic circle. Translated by Tadeusz Karłowicz
książka powstała w wyniku badań prowadzonych w ramach grantu promotorskiego MNiSW N 105 0223 34: "Bohdan Kelles-Krauze (1885-1945) − między profesją i pasją. Życie i twórczość zapomnianego lubelskiego architekta i malarza". Kierownik projektu − dr hab. Lechosław Lameński, prof. KUL. Termin realizacji: 14 V 2008 – 10 IX 2009.
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