Znaczenie i rola Izaaka i Jakuba w historii Izraela według Syracha (Syr 44,22-23)

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The article is devoted to the analysis of the Greek text of Sir 44:22-23, but it also takes into account the Hebrew version of the praise of Isaac and Jacob. The main aim of the article is to read Sirach’s depiction of these two patriarchs in his Praise of the Fathers (Sir 44:1 – 50:24) and the role and significance that he attributes to them in Israel’s history. The analysis conducted shows that the Jerusalem sage based his presentation of Isaac and Jacob exclusively on the Book of Genesis, not referring to any theological traditions connected with the patriarchs that were known during the Second Temple period. The principal role played by the two patriarchs in the history of the chosen nation is passing on to the subsequent generation the covenant that God made with Abraham and the promises related to it (Isaac’s substantial passivity in this role has to be pointed out). It is this motif that is emphasized in Sir 44:22-23, as a result of which other important events from the patriarchs’ lives are completely overlooked, including the justification of Jacob’s stealing of Isaac’s blessing for his firstborn son.
Izaak, Jakub, Abraham, Pochwała Ojców, Syr 44,22-23, Isaac, Jacob, Abraham, the Praise of the Fathers, Sir 44:22-23
"The Biblical Annals" 2019, T. 9, nr 1, s. 35-72