Techniki dziennikarstwa śledczego w reportażach Egona Erwina Kischa i Güntera Wallraffa

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The aim of this article is to analyze the writing techniques used by Kisch and Wallraff, who are the representatives o f two journalists’ generations standing in their works on the edge of journalism and literary activity. For these authors sig­nificant were both described facts and the ability o f their presentation by literary measures; the objective of the reportage is to describe events in such a way that would impress the recipient most. There are clear similarities between the Wallraff’s concept of journalism (who constantly emphasizes that his reportages are not the novel’s literature but the description of the social truth and the source of critical reflection on it) and postulated by Kisch mission of journalism (he attempts to present in the literary setting important political and economical processes and people who participate in them.
reportaż, dziennikarstwo śledcze, non fiction, Egon Erwin Kisch, Günter Wallraff, reportage, investigative journalism, nonfiction
"Orbis Linguarum", 2017, Vol. 46, s. 317-325