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    Bertolt Brechts Idee der politisch-agitatorischen Ästhetik in der Produktion Kuhle Wampe oder Wem gehört die Welt?
    (Neisse Verlag & Ofi cyna Wydawnicza ATUT, 2012) Tomczuk, Dorota
    The article applies to the film production of Bertolt Brecht "Kuhle Wampe oder Wem gehört die Welt?", which was made in years 1931/32 in cooperation with Slatan Dudow, Ernst Ottwalt and Hans Eisler. An author, describing the circumstances of the film production, its content, form and reception (especially problems with censorship), wanted to present the aspect of political and agitational significance of the film, as well as the way of transposition of the theory of epic theatre created and promoted by Brecht, by means of which he was breaking narrative and linear form of classical drama, replacing psychology with sociology, as also inner involvement and viewer empathy with a critical and analyzing glance. Radically anti-illusionistic film, acting with editing technique and documentary material concerning social reality in the environment of Berlinians workers, with the development of their revolutionary attitudes in the time of the world’s crisis in ‘30s is recognized up day as milestone of the political cinema.
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    Techniki dziennikarstwa śledczego w reportażach Egona Erwina Kischa i Güntera Wallraffa
    (Neisse Verlag & Oficyna Wydawnicza ATUT, 2017) Tomczuk, Dorota
    The aim of this article is to analyze the writing techniques used by Kisch and Wallraff, who are the representatives o f two journalists’ generations standing in their works on the edge of journalism and literary activity. For these authors sig­nificant were both described facts and the ability o f their presentation by literary measures; the objective of the reportage is to describe events in such a way that would impress the recipient most. There are clear similarities between the Wallraff’s concept of journalism (who constantly emphasizes that his reportages are not the novel’s literature but the description of the social truth and the source of critical reflection on it) and postulated by Kisch mission of journalism (he attempts to present in the literary setting important political and economical processes and people who participate in them.
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    Alienacja, integracja, akceptacja – relacje interpersonalne w dramatach Herberta Bergera i Petera Turriniego
    (Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie, 2022) Tomczuk, Dorota
    The aim of the text is a hermeneutic analysis of two Austrian dramas: the one-act play by Herbert Berger from the year 1970 and Peter Turrini's play from the year 2018. Both works are examples of a contemporary variation of the genre "Volksstück" with a hybrid tradition in German-language literature and theater dating back to the 18th century. The comparative analysis of both works focuses on the mechanisms of actions and the role of the characters' moral instinct, while the diagnoses of important social and political problems made by playwright writers may be the key to a better understanding by the reader.
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    „Nie szukaj zatartych śladów, tylko je sobie [...] utkaj z własnej wyobraźni” – autobiografizm i fabulacja w powieści Lummick Dariusza Muszera
    (Uniwersytet Warszawski, 2023) Tomczuk, Dorota
    The purpose of this sketch is to analyze the elements of autobiographical works in Dariusz Muszer’s novel Lummick. Hermeneutical investigations, supported by theoretical-literary findings taken from literature on the subject, leads to the determination of the method of combining by Muszer’s elements of fabulation and autobiographism and the purpose adopted by art strategy writer. Der Beitrag setzt sich zum Ziel, autobiographische und fiktionale Motive in dem Roman Lummick von Dariusz Muszer zu untersuchen. In der hermeneutischen Analyse, die auch literaturtheoretische Feststellungen zur Autobiographie- und Autofiktionforschung berücksichtigt, werden schriftstellerische Strategien von Muszer präsentiert, mittels deren er autobiographische Signale in seinen Roman einbringt. Die Autorin bespricht auch die Auswirkungen der autobiographischen Erfahrung auf die fiktionale Literatur.