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Title: Le silence, mise à l’épreuve de la sincérité au théâtre (1802-1828)
Other Titles: Testing and contesting authority: silence in French theatre (1802-1828)
Authors: Fix, Florence
Keywords: melodrama; mute characters; pantomime; mutism; Pixerécourt
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: "Quêtes littéraires" 2017, nº 7, s. 34-42
Abstract: In 19th century French very successful melodrama, discourse is seen as a powerful way to get attention. Criminals and traitors are masters of speech and seductive persuasion, but they never achieve their goals by the end of the play. On the other hand, the mute, humble and shy characters demonstrate that silence can convey values such as honesty, loyalty and show the audience that sensibility should be preferred to histrionic actor play.
ISSN: 2084-8099
Appears in Collections:Quêtes littéraires, 2017, No 7: Le silence en mots, les mots en silence

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