Psychologiczno-pedagogiczne aspekty postaw moralnych współczesnej młodzieży

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Lubelskie Towarzystwo Naukowe
The following problems have been discussed in this article: 1. The review of the used research methods on moral attitudes. 2. The reason of differences between research results on moral attitudes of contemporary youth. 3. The general characteristics of the youth’s moral domain on the basis of the positive and negative attitudes found by psychological researches. 4. The factors of moral development stressing these ones which allow to step from the heteronomous to autonomous moral period. 5. Actual unfavourable circumstances for forming correct moral attitudes of contemporary youth (physiological factors, demographical and civilizing, social, psychological and pedagogical ones). 6. The postulates that should be used for increasing the efficacy of educational influence.
postawy moralne, młodzież, moralność młodzieży, zagrożenia okresu młodzieńczego, wychowanie moralne młodzieży, przyczyny niewłaściwych postaw moralnych młodzieży, postulaty pedagogiczne w kształtowaniu moralności młodzieży, moral attitudes, adolescents, morality of adolescents, threats of adolescence, moral upbringing of adolescents, causes of improper moral attitudes of adolescents, pedagogical postulates in the formation of morality of adolescents
"Folia Societatis Scientiarum Lublinensis", 1976, Vol. 18, nr 2, s. 127-133
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