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Title: The Syntax of Old English Experiencer Verbs
Other Titles: Składnia staroangielskich czasowników doznaniowych
Authors: Charzyńska-Wójcik, Magdalena
Keywords: verbs of experience; Old English; classification; czasowniki doznaniowe; staroangielski; klasyfikacja
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: The Linguistic Association of Finland
Citation: "SKY Journal of Linguistics", 2002, Vol. 15, s. 31-60
Abstract: The paper offers a new classification of the syntactic frames of Old English Experiencer verbs can appear in. The characteristics of individual construction types seen against the background of the variance exhibited by individual verbs found in them allows us to propose that the fifteen different attested structures are in fact variants of three basic types. The discussion reveals that OE clausal arguments are Case-marked in the same way as NP arguments. A further observation is that OE lexicon is relatively insensitive to category distinctions but sensitive to Case.
ISSN: 1456-8438
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