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Title: Production of enriched in B vitamins biomass of Yarrowia lipolytica grown in biofuel waste
Authors: Jach, Monika Elżbieta
Sajnaga, Ewa
Janeczko, Monika
Juda, Marek
Kochanowicz, Elżbieta
Baj, Tomasz
Malm, Anna
Keywords: B vitamins; Biotin; Biofuel waste; Folic acid; Oleaginous yeast; Pyridoxine; Thiamine; Riboflavin; Yarrowia lipolytica
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: Elsevier, King Saud University
Citation: "Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences", Vol. 28, nr 5, s. 2925-2932
Abstract: Yarrowia lipolytica as an oleaginous yeast is capable of growing in various non-conventional hydrophobic substrate types, especially industrial wastes. In this study, the content of thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), biotin (vitamin B7) and folic acid (vitamin B9) in the wet biomass of Y. lipolytica strains cultivated in biofuel waste (SK medium), compared to the standard laboratory YPD medium, was assessed. Additionally, the biomass of Y. lipolytica A-101 grown in biofuel waste (SK medium) was dried and examined for B vitamins concentration according to the recommended microbial methods by AOAC Official Methods. The mean values of these vitamins per 100 g of dry weight of Y. lipolytica grown in biofuel waste (SK medium) were as follows: thiamine 1.3 mg/100 g, riboflavin 5.3 mg/100 g, pyridoxine 4.9 mg/100 g, biotin 20.0 µg/100 g, and folic acid 249 µg/100 g. We have demonstrated that the dried biomass is a good source of B vitamins which can be used as nutraceuticals to supplement human diet, especially for people at risk of B vitamin deficiencies in developed countries. Moreover, the biodegradation of biofuel waste by Y. lipolytica is desired for environmental protection.
DOI: 10.1016/j.sjbs.2021.02.027
ISSN: 1319-562X
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