Geneza idei pojednania polsko-niemieckiego w listach biskupów polskich i niemieckich z lat 1965 i 1995

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Wydawnictwo KUL
The article is intended to discuss the issue of the Polish-German reconciliation which, as the author believes, was truły initiated by the well-known letter of Polish bishops to their German counterparts in 1965. In the author’s opinion, it is possible to distinguish two basie factors that conditioned the letter initiative and what follows the idea of reconciliation through the dialog of the Polish and German episcopates. The first factor is the political condition; the second is the influence of the legacy of the social teaching of the Church. These two factors had significant impact on the initiation of the difficult process of the Polish-German reconciliation. The author furnishes a thesis that, although the letters played a key role in the development of the idea of reconciliation, they were not the facilitating factor when it comes to the commencement and conducting of the dialogue between the Polish and German episcopates. It was no earlier than the turn of the 1980’s and the political changes in Europę, in Poland and Germany in the first place, when the dialogue was reopened and allowed the continuation of the work cautiously begun thirty years before. When analyzing the reconciliation in the context of the teaching of the Church, the author concludes that the reconciliation idea contained in the letters of Polish and German bishops is strictly related to the social teaching of the Church, especially to the conciliar teaching. To conclude, the author finds that the problem of Polish-German reconciliation undertaken by the bishops of both countries appeared to be a crucial and invariably up-to-date issue not only for the sake of Polish and German dialogue but in the context of numerous divided nations of the world.
"Prawo, Administracja, Kościół", 2005, nr 4 (23), s. 219-245