Ochrona uczuć religijnych odbiorcy - granice wolności wypowiedzi artystycznej. Wybrane aspekty prawne

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Both an artistic expression and religious feelings are the categories related to human freedom. Works of art placed in the public domain by their authors are confronted with other values present in this space. One of them is the freedom of conscience and worship inherently linked to the notion of religious feelings. Social disputes on free artistic expression often support the conviction that an artist in their free artistic creation is entitled to unreserved creation and dissemination of the results of their work, and any attempts to hider this process are reprehensible. The same is often said about activities aimed to safeguard religious feelings. It thus begs the question whether in the light of binding Polish rules and regulations religious feelings set the boundary of free artistic expression, and, whether to invoke religious feelings is essentially effective in terms of restraining free artistic expression. In order to address these questions, the opening part of the article covers the legal bases of the protection of free artistic expression and those of the protection of religious feelings; in the second part of the article, the author attempts to evaluate the existing, relevant legal solutions.
"Studia z Prawa Wyznaniowego", 2010, T. 13, s. 161-177