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Title: The Reformation of Turkish Commercial Law within the Process of European Union Candidacy
Authors: Yasan, Mustafa
Keywords: commercial law; process of European Union candidacy
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Wydawnictwo KUL
Citation: "Review of European and Comparative Law" 2020, T. 40, nr 1, s. 25-43
Abstract: The relationship between Turkey and the European Union began in 1959 with Turkey's application for membership. This relationship has survived to this day and in this process negotiations for membership have been frozen. This process contributed directly to Turkish law. This contribution has become more significant, especially since 1999. Turkish Code of Commerce entered into force in 2012, is recognized as a result of Turkey's EU process. By this Code, it is aimed to ensure harmonization between Turkish Commercial Law and EU legislation. For this reason, regulations in the sense of reform were included in TCC. However, the Code has been amended for a total of eighteen times. Sixteen times after the coming into force, two times even before coming into force. More than three hundred articles have been directly affected by these changes. The principles foreseen in the Code have been abandoned because of adopting a populist approach. This situation is accepted as a failure and disappointment for the TCC codification experience.
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