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Title: Hybridités de l’écriture et subversions du sujet : enjeux du simulacre autour de Pierre Klossowski
Other Titles: Hybridities of the writing and subversions of the subject: stakes of the simulacrum around Pierre Klossowski
Authors: Vaillancourt, Thibaut
Keywords: Klossowski; hybridity; subject; simulacrum
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: "Quêtes littéraires" 2016, nº 6, s. 81-90
Abstract: What can be said of Pierre Klossowski’s works’ hybridism, he who, philosopher, writer, translator and painter, unabashedly claimed to be a « monomaniac » ? This gap brings about a tension between what we call « hybridism » in his writings (to talk about this sole medium) and a coherence in his « obsessions ». Furthermore, hybridism can be inferred from the variety from which his works take their source and the qualities which the remains of the notion of « subject » inherit. Klossowski’s work, itself a non-cartesian anthropology, calls upon theologians, latin classics, as much as so-called « transgressive » philosophers. Hence hybridism, once coupled with the simulacrum, becomes a guiding thread, kindling the word’s etymology (hybris and ibrida), in an « excessive » and « bastardised » style that does away with any form of identity, be that of the writer itself.
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