Percepcja miejskiej roślinności przyulicznej przez mieszkańców Lublina

An element of the urban structure of each city is the communication system. The road system provides the character of the city. The streets are complemented by vegetation belts with aesthetic, natural and social functions. Unfortunately, recently the trees and shrubs along the streets becomes a problem especially in relation to traffic safety reasons. In this paper, we tried to determine the perception of urban roadside vegetation by the inhabitants of Lublin. The study evaluated the aesthetic qualities of plants along the streets and indicated their functions. The result of the study found that the citizens of Lublin appreciate the aesthetic value of the road belt's vegetation, and they perceive the need to plant new trees and shrubs. They also notice the numerous functions of these plants, especially their role in forming urban space.
perception, urban greenery, street trees
Roślinność pasów przydrożnych Lublina. Potencjał i zagrożenia, red. E. Trzaskowska, Lubin 2017, s. 225-235