The Biblical Annals, 2018, Tom 8 (65), Nr 3

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    Stoicka pneuma a Pawłowa koncepcja Ducha w Rz 8. Cz. 1: Argumentacja Rz 8 i przegląd badań nad stoicką pneumą u Pawła
    (Wydawnictwo KUL, 2018) Kowalski, Marcin
    In the article the author poses a question on the nature and character of the Spirit’s acting and indwelling in believers in Romans 8. To what extent the Pauline concept of Spirit can be associated with the stoic idea of pneuma which also dwells within humans, grants them knowledge and life? In order to answer this question, in the first part of the paper the author analyzes the semantic fields of Rom 5 – 8 and their convergence in Rom 8, with a special focus on the vocabulary of new life mediated by the Spirit. Subsequently, the rhetorical stasis of Rom 8 is elucidated. At the end, the author presents a concise survey of the research on the interaction between the Pauline and the stoic idea of pneuma. The critical evaluation of the various scholarly works on the issue and the rhetorical dispositio of Rom 8 constitute a point of departure for a closer analysis of similarities and differences between Paul and the stoic pneumatology, which will be carried on in the part two of the article.