Quand la littérature rencontre le cinéma : Paradis conjugal d’Alice Ferney et Le garçon incassable de Florence Seyvos

In a society characterized by ever-changing identity- and boundary-redefinition, the confines among different kinds of art are shifting consistently. Painting, photography, and cinema often surface in post-modern literature directly or indirectly. In particular, intertextual connections, generated by the intertwining of cinema and literature in literary works, lead to the creation of new text types which can hardly be classified according to traditional genre taxonomies. This essay aims to investigate some hybridization processes, triggered by the presence of cinema in literary texts, through the analysis of two novels which claim a direct connection with cinema: Paradis Conjugal d'Alice Ferney (2008) et Le Garçon incassable de Florence Seyvos (2013).
literature and cinema, hybridization, Alice Ferney, Florence Seyvos
"Quêtes littéraires" 2016, nº 6, s. 177-186