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Title: Hybridité artistique et hybridité identitaire dans Tels des astres éteints (2008) de Léonora Miano
Other Titles: Artistic hybridity and identity hybridity in Tels des astres éteints (2008) writing by Leonora Miano
Authors: Kana Nguetse, Paul
Keywords: artistic hybridity; identity hybridity; art of music; literary art; poetic hybrid
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: "Quêtes littéraires" 2016, nº 6, s. 147-156
Abstract: If there is an aesthetic that characterizes the novel Tels des astres éteints writing by Leonora Miano, it is the combination of literary art and the art of music. This artistic hybridity that starts from paratexts transforms the novel into iso-epistemic space and into an archive of memory discography. For this poetic hybrid, the author expands the fields of observation and intensifies cognitive quest (Krysinski, 2004). It is also a scriptural technical mobilized to translate and defend the identity hybridity.
Appears in Collections:Quêtes littéraires, 2016, No 6: Hybride(s)

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