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Title: Jesus' Resurrection Appearances in 1 Cor 15,5-8 in the Light of the Syntagma ὤφθη + Dative
Authors: Gieniusz, Andrzej Marek
Keywords: Paul; resurrection; appaerances; ὤφθη
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: Wydawnictwo KUL
Citation: "The Biblical Annals" 2019, T. 9, nr 3, s. 481-492
Abstract: The aim of the present article is to establish the meaning of ὤφθη + a dative of indirect object in the light of its usage in koine Greek in general and in the LXX and related Jewish literature. Such a thorough analysis of the syntagma reveals that it is not very suitable as a proof of the factuality of the appearances of the Risen Christ. In the light of the use of the formula in koine Greek it seems much more probable that its primary function in the context of 1 Cor 15,5-8 is to announce the salvific dimension of the event as the beginning of eschatological salvation and as the present warranty of the future fulfilment of the resurrection of (all) the dead.
Appears in Collections:The Biblical Annals, 2019, Tom 9 (66), Nr 3

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