Pastoral Support for Married Couples and Families during the Pilgrimages of John Paul II to Poland

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Pilgrimages are one of the forms of popular piety carried out for centuries and in various ways. A special type of pilgrimage are papal pilgrimages to individual countries, which is the implementation of Christ’s mission: ‘Go and make disciples of all nations (…). and teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded you’ (Pismo Święte Starego i Nowego Testamentu w przekładzie z języków oryginalnych. 1980. Mt 28: 19–20). Pilgrimages give the Pope the opportunity to come closer with the faithful and confirm them in their faith. They also make possible common prayer on different continents and teaching, the personal perception of which, can bring people a profound change and improvement of life. John Paul II was the first after 455 years non-·Italian pope to visit his country of origin, Poland, eight times. He spent 64 days in his homeland and delivered 264 speeches. He taught freedom and continued his catechesis on marriage and the family, which was a topic to which he attached great importance. The subject of marriage and family is an important matter for the whole world. Therefore, it is worth introducing the papal teaching delivered during all pilgrimages to Poland to people from other countries, especially since some of the speeches are not translated into English. The article is a selection of pro-family content contained in the speeches of John Paul II in Poland, useful in the formation of spouses and parents. It may prove useful in their marriages and families, as well as in the professional help provided to students undertaking education in family life, students in the field of familiology preparing for marriage, spouses, parents and grandparents who educate their children and grandchildren.
pilgrimages, marriage, family, John Paul II, Poland
"Religions", 2022, Vol. 13, z. 1, 37