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Title: O „prawniczych” znaczeniach terminu culpa w Kodeksie Teodozjusza
Other Titles: On some “legal” meanings of the term culpa in the Theodosian Code
Authors: Jońca, Maciej
Keywords: culpa; Codex Theodosianus; Kodeks Teodozjusza; rzymskie prawo poklasyczne; prawo rzymskie; Theodosian Code; rzymskie prawo karne; rzymska terminologia prawnicza
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Wydawnictwo KUL
Citation: Vox Patrum 2001, vol. 62, s. 169-184
Abstract: The Latin term culpa on the legal ground is usually associated with res­ponsibility for torts. Many of the contemporary works link this legal construc­tion with Roman law, which till now is praised for its concision and clarity. Yet not all Roman sources present the clear dogmatic view on this point. Being per­meated with rhetoric the Theodosian Code offers various meanings of this term, which considerably differ from the ideas elaborated by the classical Roman law. Nevertheless the code played substantial role in the process of development of law in the Medieval Europe.
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