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Title: Jesus and the Paralytics. Memorializing Miracles in the Greco-Roman World of the Gospels
Authors: Giambrone, Anthony
Keywords: ex-votos; Asclepius; miracles; healing shrines; Iamata; paralytics; Bethesda; Peter’s house
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Wydawnictwo KUL
Citation: "The Biblical Annals" 2020, T. 10, nr 3, s. 389-404
Abstract: This study explores the Greco-Roman memorialization of healings through material culture as a point of comparison for the Gospels’ miracle traditions. Special attention is given to the ex-votos left at healing shrines and especially the Iamata inscriptions connected with the Asclepius cult. This corpus of evidence brings into focus a series of dynamics that help illuminate the stories of Jesus’ two healings of a paralytic (John 5:1-15; Mark 2:1-10). The comparisons help clarify both the common memorializing supports that informed and sustained the memory of Jesus transmitted in the Gospels, as well as the distinctive relationship of the Christian cult to certain specific places where memories of Jesus where preserved
Appears in Collections:The Biblical Annals, 2020, Tom 10 (67), Nr 3

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